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Great New Ultrasound and EM Education Site,

Wanted to alert our readers (Hi mom and dad!) to a fantastic site that I dare say is the “Emergency Medicine Clinical Ultrasound Site to Beat,” out of Hennepin County Medical Center from our friends in Minneapolis. Boy they have some great pathology — and they capture it all on ultrasound! (Being a Midwesterner myself, I can’t believe they’re so violent there. We’re! So! Nice!)

One of my favorites: Man stabbed with cooking knife, is embedded below.

They have a whole section of ultrasound tutorials like the FAST Exam and Ultrasound-Guided IV placement, and even a bunch of lectures on non-ultrasound topics.

A special plug for Stephen Smith’s (yes, the ECG maven Stephen Smith) Acid-Base Disorders lecture, which is, as you might have guessed, all about Acid-Base. But it’s about as clinically relevant as you can get in the ED, very high-yield, and very clear. I’m pretty sure it’s the best Acid-Base talk I’ve ever seen, and yes, I think it’s worth an hour of your time (and worth the required Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in).

And finally, if you weren’t aware, Vanderbilt has a bunch of also-super-high-quality and high-yield ultrasound tutorial videos. Please check out both sites, you won’t be sorry!


Brush up on your Ultrasound skills with the iPhone Sonosite app

Sonosite has released a FREE iPhone app that will help improve their ultrasound skills.

The videos are amazing! Containing many tips, pointers on techniques, great sample cases, image gallery.

The app even has an abbreviated manuel for the Sonosite.  The app also contains the latest news concerning sonosite machines.

Here are some screen shots:

For a sample video click here

If you do not like the app, you are out time but not money.

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