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What The Heck Is Your Private Blog Like?

A video introduction. Sorry for the mumbling.

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Clinical Policies Now Available on ACEP’s Mobile Site

Get the critical questions and recommendations for all 21 of ACEP’s Clinical Policies. This easy-to-use format can be used as a quick reference when you need it through your iPhone, Blackberry, or other smartphone. See it today! And be sure to let us know if this is useful and what other mobile features you’d like to see us work on.

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Would you like to know your Ranking?

As an emergency medicine resident, I remember taking tests and wondering where I stood compared to my peers. I would review different materials and focus on areas that I did not feel strong in. As a resident, I took the Ohio Acep review course and took their 700 question CD and reviewed all the explanations. I later was able to review the quiz questions and make suggestions.

Interesting enough, I was able to create the iPhone, Ipod Touch, * iPad edition of the quiz question for Ohio Acep. The app was just released and should show up on the app store in the next 48hrs. The app allows users to take the test and review each answer. It allows the user to focus on the questions or course materials they need to work on by creating custom test. The app also allows users to “know their ranking”, the app will ask users for an alias and will upload their test scores on each section of the test and will give an overall rank based on the users that have already taken the test. The ranking will update every time someone takes the test and clicks on ranking. To see the current ranking of beta testers and updated ranking please click here. To download the app or to see screen shots of the app click here.

* on iPad you will be able to double the size of the screen but the images might be slightly distorted.

Below I have included more information about the app.


Emergency Medicine Quiz Questions
On Sale for limited time, Price is 20% off.

Includes a new, 50-question pictorial review! Contains 700 review questions and referenced answers in an easy-to-use multiple choice format.

** “New Rankings feature, only users to see where they are ranked compared to their peers around the world. The app will rank each person based on subject and overall ranking depending on percent correct! Visit our website for more information.” **

The Emergency Medicine Review Course held annually by Ohio ACEP offers a comprehensive review for the physician preparing for the Qualifying examination, ConCert examination or continuous certification, or who simply desires an intensive review of emergency medicine. Attended by hundreds of physicians each year from across the country, this premier review course promotes high pass rates and receives high compliments.

Email us your feedback so we can make this app even better.

They have created this CD based on years of experience with preparing Emergency Medicine Physicians. The CD edition of this program retails for 100$ US Dollars.

The iPhone app is easy to use.

Topics include:
Endocrine, Metabolic & Nutritional Disorders
Infectious Disease
LifeLong Learning Self Assessment (LLSA)
Pictorial Review
Rheumatology/Soft Tissues

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In Case of an Emergency, Please use ICE

As Emergency Physicians we have to think outside the box and get as many clues as possible when confronted with a sick patient that can not speak for himself. Please do not forget to check their mobile device. Yes, sometimes it is in pieces or the battery is out but it might have helpful clues. This is no new concept. Currently, the iPhone has many apps in the app store. I wanted to highlight one particular app that was created by a paramedic. The name of the app is called SmartIce. The company is coming out with a lite edition in the near future for those of you that would like to test it out before purchasing it.

For more information, click here



Lost Person Finder (LPF)

The goal of the Lost Person Finder is to create a Web system that enables family, friends and neighbors to locate missing people during a disaster event.

In a disaster, the system can help family reunite, enhance coordination with disaster-responding teams. This will help decrease the workload that occurs during these disasters. The families will be able to search the LPF database, and obtain information on desktop or handheld devices. The system will display pictures and other information on missing persons on large monitors placed at key public locations. The information that is provided to the system comes from triage area cell phones and social networks.

This project, conducted by NCBIs Communication Engineering Branch (CEB)* Along with the National Institutes of Health”s Clinical Center, the National Naval Medical Center, and Suburban Hospital, NLM is a participant in the Bethesda Hospital Emergency Preparedness Partnership (BHEPP).

The iPhone apps is called Found in Haiti and the website to Haiti Earthquake people locator (click here).

Here are some screen shots:

For more information click on the picture above.


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Brush up on your Ultrasound skills with the iPhone Sonosite app

Sonosite has released a FREE iPhone app that will help improve their ultrasound skills.

The videos are amazing! Containing many tips, pointers on techniques, great sample cases, image gallery.

The app even has an abbreviated manuel for the Sonosite.  The app also contains the latest news concerning sonosite machines.

Here are some screen shots:

For a sample video click here

If you do not like the app, you are out time but not money.

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Emergency Room Communication

One of the key ingredient to running an efficient Emergency Room is good communication. Depending where you work finding charts, immediately finding a nurse  or calling radiology can take longer than expected. Huntington Hospital is currently using an Iphone/Ipod device that allows the health care staff better communicate with each other. It does this via VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), basically the set up the system in the hospital to call each other using these devices instead of the hospital PBX or screaming across the ER. The Voalte One system provides voice, alarm and text services all on one device. Overall helps reduce the noise level and makes it easier for the staff to text each other or call each other.

Over all points:

  • Receive Voice calls, alarms, and text messages all on a single device
  • Easily manage multiple text message conversations
  • Intuitive user interface and ringtones
  • Allows simple alarm acceptance or rejection
  • Custom, user-generated “quick messages” facilitate instant messaging of common items to other users or a web-based client

Overall I see both pros and cons, on one side I think it would be useful to have one device to do it all.

On the other side, I worry that it might make it to easy to interrupt us from patient care. In the end it is all about the balance act.

Huntington Hospital is a 636-bed  trauma hospital. For more information, visit

Company website:

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AED NEARBY iPhone app

AED Nearby app is an iPhone app that will help you find the closest AED. The concept is great and hopefully it will save a life. My main concern would be that the public would spend more time downloading the app then trying to find the AED and taking other steps before doing the basics. Call for help (911)/AED, start CPR.

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