Reversing Anticoagulants and Antithrombotics in Intracranial Bleeds

Photo by Banto

You have a patient with intracranial bleeding or  a high pre-ct probability of intracranial bleeding and they are taking coumadin, aspirin, or clopidogrel. Should you reverse them? If so, how?

What if the CT is negative? Can you just discharge these patients as soon as they have a negative CT?

In this episode of the EMCrit Podcast, I discuss reversal of anticoagulant drugs & anti-platelet medications, with particular emphasis on the prothrombin complex concentrates (PCC) for patients on coumadin. If you have never heard of PCCs, they allow near-instant reversal of coumadin and you probably already have them hidden away in your blood bank.

I also touch on how to disposition these patients if their initial CT scan is negative.

[Click Here to Read More and Hear the Podcast]

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