Annals Audio Summary for January 2010

Check out the Annals Audio Summary for this month, now posted. Highlights include:

-How accurate is noncontrast CT for the diagnosis of appendicitis? A meta-analysis

-International experiences – the ethical challenge of short-term medical excursions

-Impact of a mobile pediatric emergency response team for an influenza epidemic

-How often are EP’s testing and treating for influenza?

-Informed consent – are media messages accurate for ‘community consent’ in high risk trials? And in low risk, observational studies how often do subjects read the consent document?

And from the EBM section…

-How accurate are clinical factors in the diagnosis of IBS?

-Is nebulized saline effective for ED management of bronchiolitis?

Download the Annals Audio/Podcast Summary this month and every month, for an on-the-go update from the EM literature!

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