Health Care Reform Tops Agenda

The ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference begins on April 19 and you can bet that the 400 or so attendees, presenters and guests will be focused on the Obama administration’s efforts at reforming this country’s health care system. Of particular interest of course will be proposed changes to the way emergency care is delivered.

What will the government’s overarching goal be? Could we wind up hearing echos of the last administration’s ” Of course we have universal care. Just go to the emergency room.” Or will we begin to see real discussions on real issues such as boarding, crowding, ambulance diversion- and access to care?

In another week, hundreds of emergency physicians will be making the trek to Capitol Hill to talk to members of the house and senate. They will share stories of the real ER-the good, the bad and the ugly.  And they plan to hear the same from their elected representatives, the good, bad and ugly of the reform process and what the Congress and the president are really thinking.

The Central Line will be there every step of the way, keeping you up to date on the conference and what your elected representatives are saying.  Stay tuned.

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