Annals Audio Summary/Podcast May 2010

It’s heeeere. May 2010 Annals podcast, highlights include:

-Randomized trial of antibiotics or placebo for abscesses in peds – who won?

-Is ondansetron masking important diagnoses? – a chart review of 34000 children

-Are EP’s activating the cath team appropriately in one major medical center?

-The SF syncope rule, another assessment and another finding…

-Interview: past, present, and future of cardiac research in EM, Judd Hollander

-EBEM: Can you give penicillin to penicillin allergic patients? Should we be using antivirals for Bells Palsy?

Check it all out! (and keep an eye out for the new and improved geeky podcast, coming soon…)

–Dave and Teri

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