Meisel & Pines Slate article on the importance of speedy ambulance transport to the ED

Zachary F. Meisel and I just yesterday posted an article on Slate about the public health impact of speeding ambulances, focusing on the issue of lights & sirens.  While I try to be a fierce advocate of emergency care and emergency personnel in general, I got the idea for this article after an ambulance, riding “hot”, nearly ran my family and me off the road. 

This episode got me thinking, does it make sense from a public health standpoint for ambulances to put citizens at risk to get patients to the hospital faster?  We highlighted a recent paper published in the March 2010 issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine which elegantly investigates the issue of “the golden hour” in trauma patients using sophisticated statistical methods.

Newgard CD, Schmicker RH, Hedges JR, et al. Emergency medical services intervals and survival in trauma: assessment of the “golden hour” in a North American prospective cohort. Ann Emerg Med. 2010 Mar;55(3):235-246.

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-Jesse M. Pines, MD, MBA

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