SAEM Phoenix Was A Success!

Just returned from SAEM Phoenix — what a great conference! It was especially good for like-minded EM computer nerds. There was tweeting, there was wine and cheese, and It Was Good. Slowly but surely, I think EM physicians will catch on to tweeting, especially at conferences, and especially when there’s free Wifi available. Celebrity sightings included:

  • Nick Genes, SAEM Social Media Chair, Mt. Sinai EM attending and blogger at Blogborygmi;
  • Michelle Lin from UCSF-SFGH and blogger at Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (and with a poster about the blog, too);
  • Rob Cooney, aka @emeducation on Twitter, from Conemaugh Emergency Medicine Residency. I met Rob for the first time, and he’s really doing great stuff, sending out a daily question via Twitter and his residents respond with their answer. It’s a great, fast learning tool that I’ve already started using. He also had a poster about it.
  • Finally, I bumped into Steve Smith from Dr. Smith’s ECG Blog! Steve has an insanely huge archive of EKGs and talks through both his interpretation of them as well as some of the more subtle findings, along with the Cardiology literature that supports it.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting more EM folks in the future!

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