Annals Podcast/Audio Summary June 2010 is POSTED!

June 2010 highlights:

-Four fascinating articles on medical errors (and an editorial), examining…

1) How many ED visits occur because of medical errors?

2) What were ED staff looking at when they gave a medication to the wrong patient? (A simulated ED setting where errors occurred, and the results from eye tracking devices)

3) How many medication errors do staff pharmacists catch in an ED?

4) How many nursing medication errors do trained observers catch?

Public Health: Alcohol use/abuse interventions in ED’s — how many ED’s are doing it?

EMS: Does intubation experience correlate with good outcomes for EMS providers?

Methodology: ‘Shrinkage’ as a method to improve the accuracy and precision of subgroup analysis

Check out the new improved sound (music and voice both), and let us know what you think at!

‘Anytime, Anywhere’… David and Teri

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