July Annals Audio Summary/Podcast

The new audio file is up and running! Highlights for July:

-ED migraines ā€” 2 RCT’s agree (again): triptans down, NSAIDs, antiemetics still on top

-A statewide prescription registry, changes prescription habits: Is knowing your patient’s prescription history good or bad?

-Physician orders in triage and impact on length of stay

-Myths and realities of frequent ED users

-Defining the ‘emergency care sensitive condition‘, a research agenda and proposal

-A novel marker for kidney injury in sepsis, how accurate?

-Changes in the rabies vaccine schedule, 5 goes to 4

Enjoy your audio summary while online at your desk, or downloaded as a podcast (iTunes) or audio file!

Email us at annalsaudio@acep.org, tell us what you think and enjoy the July issue,

David and Teri

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