Why bother blogging…it’s all about Advocacy (maybe)…

Let’s face it.  I’m an old dude.  I have only been practicing emergency medicine for 16 years but I have 5 years of post graduate training and went to medical school late in life.  Sooo…when it comes to this” techie” stuff I am in my infancy.  My 12 year-old and certainly 20-year old have me beat.  However, as painful as this may be, I decided to “step-up to bat” when I received a note from ACEP asking if I might be interested in blogging.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a few computers and they are not like my first, a Tandy, from Radio Shack that cost me more than three computers in today’s world and it worked on “floppy disks, but now I am really dating myself.  Look, everyone needs to try new technology. I remember my first hand held calculator that I received for college – it weighed about one pound, cost about $100 and could add, subtract, and do square roots!

Now I even have a Blackberry so perhaps I’m not that much of a novice with technical gadgets but I refuse to switch my carrier to AT&T for an i-Phone (although it does look like fun).   And, I even have Twitter, but use it anonymously, since I really don’t think people who don’t know me are that interested in what I’m doing every minute of my life.

As a faculty member in an emergency medicine residency, I was convinced to actually join Facebook.  Perhaps, it was done out of pseudo-peer pressure, but it has added to the camaraderie in the Emergency Department and has reduced stress levels amongst the staff. 

Well enough said about the technical aspects of blogging other than the time commitment to blog.  As a start, I will try and commit to a weekly entry since I have to still work my shifts, teach, take care of administrative issues, and of course be a “real person” outside the ED.  It does scare me looking at all the gizmo’s on this website that the reader doesn’t see like icons for You Tube, insert points for cameras, video, google, Spike….Perhaps I’m out of my league but time will tell!

Oh yeah…one more thing…why was I asked to blog anyway?  Since I have been involved in federal and state governmental affairs with both ACEP and my state chapter, it was suggested that physicians may want to hear a member’s perspective on advocacy.  I will be the first to acknowledge that I am no expert; there are far smarter people out there than me, but hopefully my opinions and observations may motivate others to become more involved in this process.

For now,  please forgive me as I get oriented to the site and all the bells and whistles on this side of the keyboard…and thank God for spellchecker…Wow and I kept it under 500 words…awesome.

  1. #1 by Angela Gardner, MD, ACEP President - August 7th, 2010 at 08:28

    Welcome to the blogging world! I would say, based on your entry, that you are probably much more technically savvy than you realize. (I, too, had one of those $100 calculators that are now $2…….)

    I look forward to learning your perspective.

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