Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

One of the things that I am going to miss most about being in residency will be conversations like this with my fellow off-service residents:

Mel EM3 in ED: 59M MVC w ICH need consult
Me on Neurosurgery: k b down soon

(20 minutes later…)

Me on Neurosurgery: Plan crani w ventric admit TICU
Mel EM3 in ED: k

Me on Neurosurgery to BB EM2 in TICU: crani ventric 2u s/p MVC
BB EM2 in TICU: k drugs?
Me on Neurosurgery: dil loaded ED by Mel
BB EM2 in TICU: plts?
Me on Neurosurgery: ask Mel in ED
BB EM2 in TICU: k

(Ten minutes later…)

Mel EM3 in ED to both: plts in, bed in
Me and BB to Mel: tnx
Mel EM3 in ED to both: NP 🙂

(One hour later…)
Me on Neurosurgery to BB: crani ventric done C U soon
BB EM2 in TICU: k
Me on Neurosurgery to Mel: big clot, TICU bound
Mel EM3 in ED: nice
Me on Neurosurgery: yep
Mel EM3 in ED: 1 more, SDH 78F s/p fall
Me on Neurosurgery: :p
Mel EM3 in ED: 😀

  1. #1 by David - September 15th, 2010 at 03:11

    Excellent example of applying IT at work. I have been having lectures for my colleges about “IT for doctors” and examples like these are those that turn them on. Explaining social networking, cloud computing, even Twitter is just… unsexy!

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