Making a Residency Site Web-2.0

My dearth of blogging as of late has good reason! Both are websites that are being launched this month–one today and one at ACEP! Today’s was our residency website, now with bells and whistles. As one of the chiefs for our program this year, I wanted to try to use the web to make things more accessible for our residents and attendings. Medicine itself may still in the 1980s, but we don’t have to be. I really like the site, and wanted to do something similarly practical.

A few bits to highlight:

  • Yes, yet another blog. We’re going to try to use this to communicate and re-iterate highlights and pearls from conference as well as social announcements as well.
  • A password-protected page for residents, complete with “Chief on Call” information.
  • A Google Docs-embedded block schedule (this is surprisingly easy to do)

  • The coolest is the Resident Docs link. I’ve setup our Gmail account as a repository of Google Documents, and made a folder viewable by the residents. We can then save any interesting/good/talked about articles as PDFs to the account, and residents can then download them at their leisure. I find this much better than emailing an article out or sending a Pubmed link.

Any other cool or cutting edge things other programs are doing out there?

  1. #1 by Christian Sinclair - September 8th, 2010 at 22:18

    Great job on the new website and blog. Would love to see a quick poll about social media savviness from the residents. Are you doing any social media training with them?

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