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I’m seeing the world through a brand new set of eyes…

The last time I went to a Scientific Assembly, it was in Chicago, and I was a resident.  I spent most of my time attending and being involved in EMRA events as I was my residency’s representative.  The lectures I attended were ones I hoped would help me continue to learn and grow as a resident.

This year I graduated.  After a brief hiatus, next week I start off life as a brand new attending…. by myself… covering a small E.D. in Northern California… Yes, Miss, I guess I will have that Bloody Mary after all…

While choosing my courses this year, I thought about the things that would help me most as a youngish physician starting out.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a “Cut the Apron Strings Already or How to Leave the World of Academia and Start Your Own Path” lecture.  While my attendings gave me a fair amount of independence over the last six months, there was always that cushion, that support, that feeling of someone watching over your shoulder.  I relished at the times my attending would ask if I ordered this or that test, and I would say, “Why, yes, sir, I already did.”  And, I shuddered at my “doh!” moments wondering if it wasn’t too late to apply for a fellowship and who would take such an idiot like me.

I digress… I chose my seminars based on what I hoped would help in the real world;  things that weren’t really covered during my residency… like rashes.  I still can’t handle rashes.  Is it wet?  Is it dry?  Is it anything I want to be in the room with while not wearing a level 1 HAZMAT suit?  And dealing with psych patients.  There’s a growing concern about the abuse that E.D. physicians and staff are starting to see more and more.  We had a psych unit and four very husky security guards just a button push away at the facility where I trained.  At my new location, I might be able to find a well-armed veteran nurse and a housekeeper.  And I hope when I call 911 someone’s not across the river herding an errant cow.

So, that’s what I’m here for… to learn, to grow, to meet my colleagues who are on the same journey and gain some wisdom from them.  And to hopefully meet some of my colleagues from the Central Line…!

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