Wanted to plug a new podcast from my friends/colleagues/co-bloggers/co-NNT-writers, David Newman and Ashley Shreves. It’s an evidence-based overview on the diagnosis, management, treatment, and disposition on a particular topic, and it’s called SMART EM (Scientific Medicine and Research Translation). Even with having the pleasure of working clinically with the Shrewman team (as they are occasionally referred to), I still learn a ton from each episode. They do their best to cover all the applicable evidence on a topic (currently Acute Pharyngitis, Heparin for ACS, PE and Minor Head Injury). It isn’t simply a summary of the studies, but a fine-toothed finely-critical comb of each of the studies. They go through the studies, interpret them, and frankly, it’s usually pretty shocking.

I’d highly recommended for anyone interested in an evidence-based approach to practicing Emergency Medicine, and to even those who think EBM is over-rated. The duo is great at providing both their EBM take as well as their own medico-legal perspective that is sadly a part of today’s practice. It’s great for those plus-minus cases where you’re not sure which way to lean–where there’s no clear answer to the question, knowing the data will hopefully lead you toward a better outcome for your patient.

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