All You Need to Teach Shoulder Reduction Techniques

Web video is really revolutionizing procedure training in the emergency department: when I have a procedure I want to teach an intern, I pull up a video during a shift, have them watch it, and then have them practice it in front of me before we go see the patient. Case in point: the shoulder reduction video from the now-defunct (or on hiatus) Keeping Up in EM site from the great guys at Vanderbilt. Goes through a bunch of the techniques, super high-quality video, super instructive:

Two more plugs: Michelle Lin recently had a great tutorial on the Legg Manuever, and if you need to review your orthopedic exam, this guy at Orthopedic Assessment Methods blog has a bunch of high-quality videos as well.

Also: if you’re curious what they’re talking about in the video, it’s from this paper.

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