Great New Ultrasound and EM Education Site,

Wanted to alert our readers (Hi mom and dad!) to a fantastic site that I dare say is the “Emergency Medicine Clinical Ultrasound Site to Beat,” out of Hennepin County Medical Center from our friends in Minneapolis. Boy they have some great pathology — and they capture it all on ultrasound! (Being a Midwesterner myself, I can’t believe they’re so violent there. We’re! So! Nice!)

One of my favorites: Man stabbed with cooking knife, is embedded below.

They have a whole section of ultrasound tutorials like the FAST Exam and Ultrasound-Guided IV placement, and even a bunch of lectures on non-ultrasound topics.

A special plug for Stephen Smith’s (yes, the ECG maven Stephen Smith) Acid-Base Disorders lecture, which is, as you might have guessed, all about Acid-Base. But it’s about as clinically relevant as you can get in the ED, very high-yield, and very clear. I’m pretty sure it’s the best Acid-Base talk I’ve ever seen, and yes, I think it’s worth an hour of your time (and worth the required Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in).

And finally, if you weren’t aware, Vanderbilt has a bunch of also-super-high-quality and high-yield ultrasound tutorial videos. Please check out both sites, you won’t be sorry!

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