The ED Critical Care Dirty Dozen for 2010

Here are my 12 favorite ED Critical Care things for 2010…the EMCrit Dirty Dozen:

12. SmartEM by David Newman and Ashley Shreves

11. The Poison Review by Leon Gussow

10. Academic Life in Emergency Medicine by Michelle Lin

9. Zdoggmd–the funniest internist I have ever come across

8. Emergency Medicine Cases Podcast by Anton Hellman

7. One Night in the ED, an incredible radiology blog for EM folks by a radiologist, Daniel Cornfeld

6. Steve Smith’s EKG Blog-even the cardiologists are not giving the same amount of detail as you will find here

5. by Cliff Reid

4. EM:RAP by med ed hero, Mel Herbert

3. Ercast by my friend, Rob Orman

2. the Life in the Fast Lane Blog headed up by the amazing Mike Cadogan and Chris Nickson

1. Well for #1, you are just going to have to listen

[Click here to hear the Show]

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