Annals podcast posted (and has been)!

The January podcast is posted and available, highlights include:

-Estimating future risk after A Fib events in the ED, a derivation

-Wide variations in the management of A Fib across Canadian ED’s

-New CHF guidelines: time to improve the mix, increase cross-talk, and move forward

-Fight!: Managing A fib, clinical controversies head-to-head — convert vs control

-Vascular events in dizzy patients discharged home: not common

-When the NIHSS says ‘0’, it still may be a stroke

-Value of ABCD2 when added to a TIA unit: not so much

Apologies for the late post folks, the podcast was up and running through most of the month, I just didn’t get the post up until now. Good news is, February is coming soon….


  1. #1 by Laura Pimentel - February 5th, 2011 at 18:57

    I am unable to play the podcast file. It continuously stops if played on the IPhone or IPad and rebuffers every few seconds from the website. Can the tech folks fix? Thanks.

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