A phD in ECG with Dr. Steven Smith

Electrocardiograms can be subtle; but you can’t miss them or patients die. Today, I got to interview Dr. Steven Smith. Dr. Smith is faculty at the Hennepin Program and author of one of the best books on EKGs in the ED, The ECG in Acute MI.

Dr. Smith’s EKG Blog is probably the best free EKG site out there for Emergency Physicians and Intensivists.

We cover a ton of stuff including the most subtle form of MI, why inferior depressions don’t mean inferior ischemia, and when a BOATload of calcium is a really good idea.

[Click here to read more and to Hear the Podcast]

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    Congrats! Dr. Smith. To complete your PhD. Well Getting PhD is just not like getting a degree. It is like completing the dream.

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