Annals Audio Summary February 2011

February podcast and audio summary! (Yes, we’re serious)

Deepest apologies for the delay everyone, technical issues still being worked out, and we’ll get March up and running pronto pronto

Highlights from the February issue:

-Lessons from England’s attempt to reduce boarding

-Standing triage orders placed at triage – do they improve flow?

-Preventive services in the ED: who’s doing what?

-Midazolam added to ketamine for adult sedations – a randomized trial

-Alfentanil for procedural sedation, an observational study

-EKG readings in poison control center cases: we’re getting it wrong

-Peer review and medical publishing, under the microscope

-Outcomes after crotalid envenomations and FAB antivenom

-Plus, editorials on: midazolam for ketamine, standing orders at triage

Talk again soon,

Teri and David

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