Update from Japan

Editor’s Note: An international ACEP member, Dr. Takashi Nagata, has been giving real-time updates to the ACEP Disaster Section about the developing situation in Japan. He agreed to share the information with the emergency medicine community and will try to continue to provide updates when he can.

Friday, March 11, 2011 6:12 PM CST

Dear colleagues,

It is quite difficult to access from neighboring prefectures to the affected area, because the many national roads and highways are closed or destroyed. And it is still in the end of snow season, and the road conditions are snowy and muddy.

Many colleagues in ACEP are proposing us the international disaster aid, and we sincerely appreciate you all.

However, this is my personal thought, and it is quite difficult to accept disaster relief teams from outside Japan in the next few days.

Some academic institutions, hospitals, and organization will be the counterparts for the foreign disaster relief teams, but so far, I have no contact information. I am staying at the safe place which is located 1000 kilometer away.

If you will come to Japan, I mention that the difficulties in working in Japan is language barrier. I am sorry to say, but most Japanese people are capable to read and speak English, but they are very shy to communicate with the people who speaks English.

Safety is not secured in the affected area. We are very careful about the second attack of earthquake and tsunami and risk of radiation exposure.

On the contrary, security (riot, confusion, violence, etc) will not be an issue for disaster relief work.

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    Italian emergency physicians are with you and all the Japanese EPs.

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    I heard this news before and it saddens me a lot, Thank God they are okay right now and I know they are much prepared for future calamities and emergencies.

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