Annals Audio Summary and Podcast for March

The March 2011 Annals Audio Summary and Podcast is up!


-Crowding effects on the quality of care delivered to children with asthma

-Delayed versus timely inpatient anticoagulation for NSTEMI – did it matter?

-Aeromedical transport to achieve timely reperfusion for STEMI – it didn’t work

-Multicenter randomized trial of laryngoscope blades in the prehospital environment

-Does paralysis change papillary response after RSI?

-Airway management with new visualization devices: a new emphasis

-Randomized trial using medical language interpreters for optimal care: better?

-Translating triage tools into other languages: still successful?

-LEAN process tools in the ED

-Lactate and CRP, better together?

Check out the Annals podcast: Anytime, anywhere.

Teri and David

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