October Annals Audio posted!

The October audio summary/podcast is now posted and available. Highlights include:

-Antidotes for cyanide and organophosphates: routes of administration
-Evidence base on treatment of jellyfish stings
-Synthetic cannabinoids
-Epi or hydroxocobalamin for cyanide arrest
-Adaptive and group sequential analyses in trials
-Trial registry fidelity in EM publications
-Syncope: should we investigate cardiac structural abnormalities?
-Treating and considering potential organ donors in the ED
-Opiate prescriptions in the ED: ACEP Clinical Policy

Enjoy, and email any time at annalsaudio@acep.org,

David and Ashley

  1. #1 by Glen - October 6th, 2012 at 13:25

    Are you sure about that? The link above and the RSS feed both only have podcasts up through August…

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