Is it any easier now for ACEP Legacy Physicians to get jobs in American hospitals?

For the past 5 years I have been doing locum work abroad; in Canada, New Zealand and England and I’m currently looking at Australia.  I haven’t applied for any jobs in US hospitals during that time.  I live in Florida, have keep my medical license active and am considering exploring the possibility of working in Florida again in the near future.

Some of you might remember that previously I ran into problems applying for work in The Sunshine State, because I was not EM residency-trained nor ABEM-boarded.  In spite of ACEP offering verbal support to the idea that Legacy physicians are an important part of the workforce and thus should be given consideration on merit and performance, in hiring situations, the reality was that most hospitals, especially those in desirable locations, were off-limits to doctors like me.

Numerous ads for ER jobs come into my email daily.  A few years ago almost all of them “required” ABEM certification. Some even stipulated that applicants must be EM residency-trained, which, by the way, would exclude a number of ACEP past-presidents.

Lately there seem to be more than a few hospitals that will settle for certification in any primary care specialty, e.g. family medicine, internal medicine, etc.  So, is the landscape changing?  Are the realities of the workforce finally being realized by hospitals that find themselves in need of emergency doctors?

Do I have any hope of getting a job in a decent hospital in the Sarasota, FL area?

Is it any easier now for ACEP Legacy Physicians to get jobs in American hospitals?

I’m just asking.


Marlene Buckler, MD, FACEP, CCFP(EM), DABUCM

Official Blogger for ACEP Emergency Medicine Workforce Section

  1. #1 by David R Meece, M.D. - September 14th, 2013 at 19:58

    I think that the demand is high enough that there are a few more places that are looking at non-ABEM docs with experience. You might consider getting certified through AAPS/BCEM. It might help a little. I believe they are recognized in Florida by the state Medical Board. Good Luck! I have enjoyed reading your blogs.

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