ACEP Member Dr. Donna Carden of Florida Awarded PCORI Research Funding

The University of Florida’s Dr. Donna Carden has been approved for PCORI funding for her research, “An Emergency Department-to-Home Intervention to Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Hospital Use.” Dr. Carden will lead one of 82 research projects approved for PCORI funding to help answer the question: “How can clinicians and the care delivery systems they work in help patients make the best decisions about their health and healthcare.”

Dr. Carden: “The transition from the emergency department (ED) to home can create patient confusion and anxiety and lead to a cycle of repeated, costly and preventable ED visits and hospital admissions, especially for older patients with chronic health problems. There is an urgent need, therefore, for more patient-centered management of patients discharged from the ED. Our research team (patients, caregivers, Area Agency on Aging staff, physicians, health-system managers, researchers) proposed the following question: Compared to usual, post-ED care, can an intervention deployed after an ED visit that links chronically ill patients with community-based social- and medical-support improve quality of life and reduce the need for additional ED visits and unnecessary hospital admissions? We expect the proposed community-based intervention to have a positive impact on patient-reported quality of life and to reduce the likelihood of return ED visits and hospital admissions. The knowledge gained from this work has the potential to contribute to a broader understanding of how post-ED transition interventions can be tailored to reduce healthcare disparities for vulnerable populations, improve healthcare quality and reduce healthcare costs.”

By providing support and funding to pilot-test the proposed, community-based intervention, Dr. Carden said that ACEP and EMF contributed substantially to the success of this PCORI application.

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