By Bruce D Janiak, MD, FACEP

A 40-something female came into our ED with some confusion, low BP, and tachycardia. EKG and labs were normal, but she continued to deteriorate despite appropriate treatments. The cardiology fellow was with me when she arrested, and despite ACLS protocol, we were unsuccessful in our resuscitative efforts. She was pronounced dead.

As the cardiology fellow and I were discussing her case outside of the room, the monitor began to show a spontaneous rhythm. She regained a pulse and BP and was admitted. Later that day she arrested again and after unsuccessful efforts was pronounced dead (again)!

Then she revisited her Lazerus process and spontaneously recovered.

Some two weeks later she came to the ED to see me saying “Dr Janiak, thanks for your efforts. I could hear you guys talking about me during the whole resuscitative process”

(Yes, this really happened!)


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    That is so freaky. Gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

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    Thanks for sharing this!

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