Why I Made Emergency Medicine My Career by Mark Baker, MD, FACEP


What other jobs allow you to stay up all night long, party with crazy people, and get paid for it?

That’s what I like to say every New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is my favorite shift, and it’s because of the people.

They are what keep me going in this career: the people, the crazy people, and I don’t mean just the patients.

Docs, nurses and techs all have to be a little bit loony to enjoy this job as well. It is the best job in the world! I come to work not knowing exactly what I will be doing, and even while working we never know what’s going to happen next.

Time-bombs are lurking in the humdrum of the daily routine. Our job is to identify them and defuse them. This keeps us on our toes, and this keeps me intrigued. When I can solve a medical puzzle, I am intellectually rewarded. When I can help someone I am gratified. When I can make a child smile I am happy. I can’t figure everything out or everybody out but I can sure have fun trying! This is why I continue my career of emergency medicine.

Why did I make it my career in the first place?

It looked exciting, isn’t that why we all chose it?

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    Making a difference with people is so rewarding! I see similarity with my job.

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    I wish I would have known about this profession earlier in life! Sounds fun.

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    The key to choosing a career path is always your level of enthusiasm for the profession. What is the point if you’re dragging yourself to work every day.

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    I love the joy you take in your chosen career. I love that there are people like you working in medicine. Thank you so much.

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    It’s wonderful you found work you love. My wish for everyone!

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