Critical Care and Social Media Come Together in Chicago this June at “smacc”

Web Banner 425x255ACEP has asked the organizers of the Social Media and Critical Care Conference to contribute a piece to The Central Line, explaining the event and how it can help emergency medicine.

By Nell Harrison
Scott Weingart labeled smacc the “Best conference ever” but is it really worthy of all the hype?

In the past two decades we have seen the Information, Technology and Communication revolution. In 2015 we can access the internet almost anywhere on our smart phones and tablets to connect with each other.  The way we communicate and share information is changing. Social media platforms like “YouTube” and “Twitter” enhance the dissemination of learning material but more importantly they provide the opportunity for a two conversation between the teacher and student. We should ask ourselves then how can this new era of communication facilitate learning, particularly at critical care and emergency medicine conferences?

Smacc (Social media and Critical Care) so named because it is powered by a collaboration of FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation) websites from around the world, is truly different. It is a high power critical care conference but more importantly it is inspirational, informative and innovative. The collective experience gained growing these websites has guided the program formation.

There is energy at smacc that not only augments the learning atmosphere but it recharges our commitment to critical care. In the words of one delegate from #smaccGOLD 2014: “This was the first conference where I not only learnt plenty, but I came away proud to be a professional in critical care. I feel excited about taking all this back to work!”

Here are 10 reasons you should consider smacc Chicago in June 23-26 2015.
1: Speakers – The speakers are hand picked from both the FOAM world and the conventional conference circuit because they are inspirational leaders in their fields.
2: Topics – The sessions are delicately pieced together to cover issues from hard core medical science and research to education and end of life care, but more critically they embrace controversy.
3: Format – The style has an informal open feel that encourages a two-way conversation, which is further enhanced by the integration of social media into the sessions.
4: Community – smacc brings together all the critical care community together from Pre-Hospital/Emergency/Critical Care and Anaesthesia.
5: Excitement – The energy at smacc powers a vibrant atmosphere
6: Networking – All breaks and lunches are catered free to provide a relaxed atmosphere for delegates to come together
7: Social – All social functions are included in the registration to bring all delegates together as part of one critical care community
8: Workshops – Over 30 pre-conference workshops cater for every need from communication and debriefing to Airway and Ultrasound
9: Post-conference – All sessions at smacc are podcast and released FREE in a serial fashion over 6 months post conference as part of FOAM
10: Not for Profit – smacc is administered by a charitable trust and no individual benefits financially

The theme for smacc Chicago is smaccFEST, because it is more than a conference, it is a festival. Smacc is a celebration of medical science, knowledge, education, ideas, community and innovation united by a love of practicing critical care. There are already over 1,300 delegates and many pre-conference workshops have sold out. Get more information here.


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