ACEP Board: Statement on Rapid Transitions of ED Contracts

The following statement was issued by the ACEP Board of Directors on January 27, 2017

The ACEP Board of Directors and its leadership have had multiple communications with the parties involved and others affected by the recent abrupt emergency department contract transition at a health system in Ohio. The ACEP Board met recently and discussed the matter extensively.

Rapid transition of emergency department contracts may lead to serious disruption. Assuring that any such process is as smooth as possible is critically important to our specialty, and to ACEP.

ACEP is committed to promoting the highest quality of emergency care. To effectively achieve our mission, we are committed to supporting and protecting the interests of our specialty, patients, all members, residents in training programs, and academic and research elements of emergency medicine.

ACEP will be developing a white paper regarding best practices for how contract transitions should occur. When completed, it will not only be disseminated to the emergency medicine community, but also to hospitals and their administrators. We will also be publicizing to our members the availability of existing resources regarding ED contract provisions, negotiations, and other related materials.

We welcome the input of our members and others as we develop supportive resources.

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