Scaring Seniors: It’s Gonna Get Ugly

Hardball with Chris Matthews

A clip from Hardball (can’t seem to get the video to embed on the site, but clicking on the image above will show you the ~5 minute clip.

The gist is this: some seniors are now being told that part of the health care bill includes asking seniors “how they want to die,” and taken to such extremes as “euthanizing seniors because the government won’t pay for their expensive care anymore in the new health care legislation.”

The actual part in question of the House bill (warning, gigantic PDF), “SEC. 1233. ADVANCE CARE PLANNING CONSULTATION,” simply pays doctors for having DNR/DNI and advance directive conversations with patients. Something we’ve already been doing for years without compensation, yet several of the talking heads in the bill claim this is some new, awful thing.

If the politicians and talking heads can turn “payment for advance directive discussions” into “euthanizing seniors,” we’re in for a dirty, dirty mud-slinging contest, folks.


  1. #1 by Christian Sinclair - August 3rd, 2009 at 08:16

    Thanks for posting about these scare tactics. People who may disagree about all different parts of the bill but at least make sure our disagreements are based on fact and not salacious hyperbole. Dr. Drew Rosielle and others have covered this topic more in depth for those interested to learn more about how to disprove the lies point by point. Reimbursement for optional (not mandatory) advanced care planning every 5 years is not unreasonable given the fact it lets people make decisions based on their own interests along with shared input from their trusted physician.

    Pallimed post

    Dr. David Fisher’s blog post about trying to correct Rush LImbaugh

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