Storming the Hill!!!

I have always thought that unique and life changing opportunities are available around every corner.  This has been no clearer to me than yesterday afternoon when I and some colleagues from the Louisiana ACEP chapter where standing on the steps of the Russell Senate building reflecting on the talks we had with our congressmen and senators and pondering the swirling emerald green clouds above the capitol building.  A storm was indeed brewing in Washington; both figuratively and literally.  As many of us know, health care is very high on the current administrations agenda and the stresses of our current system have been made known to our representatives. However, what I noticed in many of the talks is that our nations leaders have no clear plans on how to best implement change.  In Louisiana, we are fortunate in that we have 3 congressional members who are also MD’s and understand some of the challenges that face health care change from the provider side; BUT, the great majority of offices do not have that advantage.  Many of them are seeking answers and advice from people within the system.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the health care storm is coming, and it is up to us to decide if EM will caught out in the rain.

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