My Favorite Emergency Medicine Blogs

In order of me never having mentioned them first:

  • Ten Out Of Ten, my favorite of the list (and okay, I put it first): fairly recent residency graduate blogging experiences from the frustratingly funny to the sad to the everyday (sometimes all three). Recent favorites: the widely read (and if you click one link, click this one) Pain Scale, and Proposition Disposition.
  • My Emergency Medicine Blog: Frequent learning point posts on a variety of subjects, dependent upon what the author has been learning about himself in his daily practice; for example, How long should a person with influenza-like illness stay home from school/work?, complete with references and sources. I actually keep a similar private blog of “things I’ve learned,” but it’s not sourced and would be scared for anyone else to use it (but find it very helpful!)
  • Academic Life in Emergency Medicine, by Michelle Lin, of ACEP News’ “Tips and Tricks” fame. Had the opportunity to meet and work with Michelle while in med school at SF General. What a superstar, and the blog is no different.
  • Emergency Medicine Forum is a blog with each post being a case, the doc’s thought process/differential, workup, and conclusion.
  • GruntDoc was one of the first EM bloggers on the scene. Been in a bit of a lull (as all bloggers seem to reach eventually) and wish he’d post more. Come back, Alan!

Guarantee I’m missing a bunch. Post a comment and I’ll add yours.


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