Emergency Mnemonics

SalterHarris I used to be the king of mnemonics (dear GOD the Kreb’s cycle is useless) but those have pretty much faded with time, leaving only a few left to occupy brain cells. Which do you still use?

  • SALTR for Salter-Harris Fractures: Slipped (I), Above (II), Lower (III), Through (IV), Ruined (V)
  • MUGR (Mugger): Monteggia Fracture = Ulnar fracture with radial head dislocation; Galeazzi Fracture = Radius fracture with DRUJ dislocation.
  • PIRATES for causes of AFib: Pulmonary process, Infarction/Infection/Intoxication, Rheumatic (Valvular) Disease, Anemia, Thyroid/High Output, Electrolytes, Sauce (Alcohol)
  • Venous near the Penis (easier than remembering NAVEL or NAVY)
  • DOPE for Intubated Patients: Displaced Tube, Obstructed Tube, Pneumothorax, Equipment Failure
  • ABCDEFGH (duh): Airway/CSpine, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure, Finger/Foley, GTube/Glucose, Human (pain meds, via Dr. Meade)
  • AEIOU TIPS: Alcohol, Endocrine/Electrolytes/Epilepsy/Encephalopathy, Infection, Overdose/Opioids, Uremia, Trauma/Toxidromes, Insulin, Psychosis/Polypharmacy, Space Occupying Lesion/Subarachnoid/Stroke/Sepsis
  • 5 H’s and 5 T’s of PEA/Asystole: Hypoxia, Hypovolemia, Hypothermia, Hyper/Hypokalemia, Hydrogen Ion (Acidosis, Tension Pneumothorax, Tamponade, Tablets/Tox, Thrombosis (Coronary), Thrombosis, (PE)
  • AMPLE FRIENDS (for Oral Boards): Allergies, Medications, PMH/PSH, Last Meal, Events Leading Up, Family Hx/Friends/Witnesses Hx, Records, Immunizations, EMT Hx, Narcotics/Drugs, Doctor (PMD) Hx, Social Hx


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    Are you going to expand you mnemonic

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    xsxsjn sdjncj jhus

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