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Ban That Ringtone!

Like many Emergency Departments, we have a batphone. New York City EMS will (usually!) give us a ringdown when there’s a critically ill or trauma patient en route, with a few mixed in “Ooops, wrong number” calls. Ever since I started residency my ears quickly perked up at the sound of the tone, even before the overhead page “GREEN TEAM TO THE TRAUMA ROOM ETA TWO MINUTES” screams through the department. I know pretty immediately that I need to wrap up whatever I’m doing, if possible. I’m Mr. Airway.

And that, my friends, is why this evil, evil ringtone needs to go:
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Yes, mostly iPhone users are to blame (even some of my beloved attendings use it as their ringtone), but really, it’s got to stop. A female friend once said that “All men are dogs;” I think if she was referring to the Pavlovian type, she’s probably right. Stimulus, response.

RINGRINGRINGRINGRIIIING! In a coffee shop: Ohmygodwhere’sthe–oh, wait, nevermind.
RINGRINGRINGRINGRIIIING! In an airport terminal with an old style phone: Calm, calm, you’re not at the hospital.

So please, PLEASE, people who are in an Emergency Department (who okay, probably, technically, shouldn’t even be using their cellphones to begin with): get a new ringtone. My peptic ulcer will thank you.

(One of my favorite sites,, has a ton of song ringtones for free download, or you can even create your own by uploading your favorite song!)

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