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ACEP News Plans New Editorial Direction

Dr. Kevin Klauer

In January 2014, Dr. Kevin Klauer will take over as the medical editor-in-chief of ACEP News.

The American College of Emergency Physicians is set to undertake a new editorial direction for our monthly news magazine, ACEP News, which coincides with a new publishing contract with Wiley Periodicals Inc. beginning in 2014.

Kevin Klauer, DO, EDJ, FACEP will take over as medical editor-in-chief in January 2014, helping to set the tone and editorial direction of the publication. In June, Dr. Klauer will resign as editor-in-chief of Emergency Physicians Monthly, a position he has held since 2008.

Robert Solomon, MD, FACEP, ACEP News’ current medical editor, has served in this role for almost eight years. Under his leadership, the magazine has grown from a small, insider newsletter to a robust and trusted source of up-to-date clinical information, valued articles on practice trends, and entertaining features on emergency physicians worldwide. Dr. Solomon will continue as ACEP News’ medical editor through December 2013.

ACEP would like to thank Dr. Solomon for his tireless dedication and the progress he has helped ACEP achieve with ACEP News.

Dr. Klauer will bring a new voice to ACEP News that will resonate with the 31,000 ACEP members and additional 8,000 emergency physicians who read the publication each month. He has a following in the emergency medicine community, where he is a respected, popular and dynamic faculty member at emergency medicine educational conferences. He will augment the current 21-member ACEP News Editorial Advisory Board with different perspectives and additional columnists.