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Approaching the Launch of LAC

It is now four days from the start of the Leadership and Advocacy Conference on April 19th. Figuring out what to write about for this pre-LAC blog was a challenge. The key I figured was to keep it short since we are all busy with work, home, life, and advocacy. So what to write about?
I thought I would tell you about the exciting track at LAC this year for residents and first-timers. This year EMRA (Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association) and YPS (Young Physicians Section) of ACEP have worked together to come up with a dynamic event. With great lectures, exciting roundtable discussions, media training, and a reception with the leaders of our specialty, it will be an exciting start to the conference on Sunday. Even if you are not a resident or first timer, I encourage you to come and start LAC off with a bang if you are in the area. Having the presence of the veterans would also inspire the many first-time visitors to the conference to keep coming back.

I have the honor of giving the first lecture and welcoming you all to the Resident and First Timer’s Track this year. I have been working hard to hopefully make it an entertaining introduction as well as informative. Jen Wiler and James Eadie of YPS will be following with excellent discussions of the current challenges, economics, and quality issues that are going on right now. They are both lectures not to be missed if you can make it.

I am also excited to say that all attendees at LAC this year will receive a copy of the EMRA Emergency Medicine Advocacy Handbook, supported by an ACEP educational grant. It is an original publication by EMRA members, but for all emergency physicians. Especially for those that have interests in subjects that they may not be as familiar with, the handbook will be a valuable launching point for you. I hope that you find it helpful. I also welcome feedback on areas for improvement, additional topics, or any other comments as we look forward to future revisions of the handbook.

Best close as this is already longer than many would want to read. I look forward to seeing many of you there. It should be a successful and exciting event! Safe travels and see you this weekend.

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