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Annals’ Article of the Future Project

Dear ACEP Members:
I am writing to you on behalf of Dr. Michael Callaham, Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Emergency Medicine (Annals), to invite you to participate in the Article of the Future project, a groundbreaking initiative from Elsevier (the publisher of Annals), focused on transforming the online journal article. In short, the Article of the Future initiative will pilot ideas, perhaps one of yours, to transform ‘static’ online medical literature into more dynamic and enduring resources.

Annals has been selected from a pool of over 450 Elsevier health science journals, as one of three journals for the next phase of Elsevier’s Article of the Future pilot. I would like to invite you to collaborate with Annals editors, the wider medical community, and Elsevier as a member of the Article of the Future Annals user community, a select team of roughly 15 thought leaders who will propose and evaluate new functionalities and content formats to enhance the usability and value of emergency medicine articles.   We are looking for a broad spectrum of EM practitioners, researchers, authors, teachers, and clinicians who share the common interest of maximizing the efficiency and value of  communications about emergency medicine in general and research in particular.

Between May and September, we will collaborate with Elsevier and the wider emergency medicine community to transform select Annals articles into Article of the Future prototypes. In addition to the gratitude of the Annals senior editorial team, Elsevier will fully acknowledge your participation in all project marketing. Your commitment will require a few conference calls and active participation in on-line forums that allow you to suggest projects and critique the projects of others.

I hope you will join me on this exciting project. In addition, if you know of creative, technology-forward colleagues who would be excited by this project, particularly new-media-savvy residents, fellows, and junior faculty, please feel free to nominate them. Because the timeline is short, I would greatly appreciate hearing your initial interest in participation within the next few days so we can build the user community as quickly as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.  Please respond to me at 

Best regards,
David Schriger
Deputy Editor 
Project Coordinator, Annals of Emergency Medicine Article of the Future

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Academic Library Proxy Bookmarklet

This post is probably geared mostly toward residents and academics who have access to a university library for their researchin’ and journal readin’ (and especially nerdy residents and academics). I’ve made a little tool to hopefully help a few people find accessing journal articles from home a little easier. It’s called a bookmarklet.

What does it do? Well, if your university or hospital library has a proxy server (now we’re getting reallly nerdy), you can use it to try to auto-access journal articles on the web, without the hassle of going to your library’s website, logging in, finding the journal you want, then the article you want, then opening the PDF. It’s probably easier explained in the accompanying video, below.

Visit this page to get the bookmarklet.

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