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Saving for a rainy day

This morning we heard a great “call to arms,” as it were, by our fearless leader, Dr. Nick Jouriles. He discussed something we’ve been hearing about for the past year.
There does need to be change. The problem is no one is really in agreement on how that change should occur.
Who wins these nauseatingly long and verbose arguments?
No one. And least of all, the patient. The one we started this whole med school and residency thing for anyway.
Because ultimately, that’s what it should come down to: our patients. That’s what we’re here in DC doing – advocating for our patients and for our specialty.
Now, granted, we’re here for our patients. But what really talks in the Beltway is money. It’s all about the Benjamins here. As AC/DC once said: Money talks.

In today’s economic climate, everyone is spending less and expecting more. But if you haven’t donated to NEMPAC yet, because you’re saving for that rainy day, let me tell you something, honey. It’s pouring outside. It’s raining on our patients and the emergency department is the umbrella that covers everyone. We’re it people. A storm is a-comin’ and the umbrella is about to flip inside out and carry us away.
As Dr. Jouriles says, it’s time to give a shi(f)t. Only one Benjamin for us residents, and 10 for attendings. Let me hear the money talk.

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