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Disaster is in the Details

On my way to work this morning I listened to the re-run of President Obama’s interview with Fox News, which had been vilified by him and his staff at every turn and now apparently rates his attention when he feels the need to  plead for support from those who don’t understand the new math.  I, too, was unclear on the details of the massive program that is not being voted on this week.  He clearly stated that the details of the health care plan, which he doesn’t know, will be posted many days before the actual vote which is funny because Nancy Pelosi said last week that if you want to know what is in the health care bill they will have to pass it first.  Huh? 

I also missed the math class in school that allowed you to save money and still spend it- I’d like to be able to do that in my own expenses.  

This whole Health Care Debacle  Debate- feels kind of like a marathon in which everyone disagrees on the route and the goal, and we aren’t making good time.  And the people who are in charge of it are fish.  I don’t mean that Congress People are slimy sea creatures, though I’m not ruling this out, I just mean that fish don’t ambulate, so have a difficult time telling bipeds how to provide health care.  

Are we really talking about adding a trillion dollars to the deficit that we can’t pay now?  Doesn’t the word “deficit” mean that we can’t pay it now?  That’s what it means in my house.  It is like the thought that we can’t be out of money because we still have checks left.  We just came through a financial crisis that was partially caused by thinking like that.

I’m confused and want to know- is tort reform in or out?  Is the public option in or out?  Is the opening of health insurance sales across state lines in or out?  Are we still voting on the bill?  Because it doesn’t sound like congress is even going to vote on the bill, but on the second derivative of the bill, and this violates the principles of SchoolHouse Rock in which the rules were clearly laid out by Jack Sheldon (  So you can understand my confusion.

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ACEP Leaders Invited to White House for Health Care Event

ACEP President Angela Gardner, MD, FACEP, had a front row seat Wednesday for President Obama’s release of his final version of a health care reform bill and shook the President’s hand after his speech.

The White House invited ACEP to bring several emergency physicians to attend the high-profile press conference. Joining Dr. Gardner at the event were ACEP President-Elect Sandra Schneider MD, FACEP; Federal Government Affairs Committee member Bruce Auerbach, MD, FACEP; and EMRA Board of Directors member and Legislative Advisor Nathaniel Schlicher, MD, JD.

President Obama released a revised bill, calling it a compromise plan that combines the best ideas of Democrats and Republicans, including insurance reforms, measures to curb waste, fraud and abuse in the system and increased funding for state grants on medical malpractice reform projects.

In his speech, the president urged Congress to “finish its work” and that “now is the time to make a decision” about health care reform.

Watch the ACEP members comment about attending the event.

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