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Calories Count

Boy do the calorie displays here in New York help — and I wish they were everywhere! The once-controversial law says that any chain with more than 15 branches has to post calorie counts for all their offerings. It’s something that I’ve definitely gotten used to — and now expect — and I encourage you to write your local lawmakers to do the same. (It’s clearly not a whole lot of work now for most chains, since if they exist in New York City they’ve had to come up with the data by now.) Sorry, In-And-Out!

It’s fascinating to see the numbers, and to realize how far off my guesses would be. That most donuts are lower in calories than muffins, or how much one of those Frappaccinos actually sets you back. (Sure, this does nothing to address diet from a fiber vs. saturated fat perspective, but it certainly does from an obesity one.) If we’re going to help our patients become healthier ones, it starts with information, and the calorie counts are a great example.

(Okay, and banning trans fats doesn’t hurt, either, and no one has seemed to mind.) (Okay, and also a smoking ban, which according to this research analysis suggests it prevented 4,000 hospitalizations, saved $56 million and lowered the number of MI admissions by 8%.) Such an awful nanny state outcome, I know.

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