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Procedural Sedation in the ED, Part I

It seems the government and other specialties are trying hard to make sedation as difficult as possible in the ED.

We must persevere to provide the best procedural sedation for the maximal comfort and safety for our patients. This brief lecture was originally posted on the defunct EMCrit Lecture Site on 8/7/2009.

I’m reposting it here so that I can post part II sometime this week.

This episode, Part I, covers general concepts on sedation as well as ketamine and etomidate/fentanyl.

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A Bad Sedation Package Can Leave Your Patient Trapped in a Nightmare

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Pushing some ativan followed by vecuronium is no longer an acceptable strategy to manage post-intubation sedation. A good analgesia and sedation package is essential if you care about your patient’s comfort and well-being. We need to move to PAIN-FIRST paradigm. Optimize analgesia and then add in sedative agents as a bonus. In this episode of the EMCrit Podcast, I expand on a previous rant to discuss the optimal way to handle routine post-intubation patients and some special scenarios you may encounter.

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Learn to Love the Mask

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Intubation is a sexy procedure, there is no doubt about it.

In the EMCrit podcast # 19, I discuss Non-Invasive Ventilation. NIV does not have the glamor; it’s not nearly as cinematic as endotracheal intubation. But for the patient, to spend 30 minutes on a NIV mask is preferable to a couple of days on the ventilator. In this episode, I discuss some of the basic ideas and methods of NIV.

It is pretty simple as the mode only has 3 main settings:

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