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Crazy Trippy Post-Nights Dreams

Sorry for the dearth of posting lately. Been in web design mode, updating the with a few extra neat-o features, as well working on a top secret, really cool, hopefully really-helpful new website for therapies in the ED. More on that later, trrrust me.

So I had a big long slew of nights-and-days-and-nights-and-days last week, and wanted to see if my freaky dream phenomenon persists amongst my five readers. My current strategy for resetting my clock goes something like this:

  1. Finish final overnight. Go home, get to bed around 8am.
  2. Fall asleep. Force myself to wakeup and stop sleeping around 1pm.
  3. Do something — anything — to stay awake and out of my bed.
  4. Try to time it so that I hit the “bedtime sweet spot” where your body is tired enough it’ll sleep through the night, but also not too early in the evening so it doesn’t just think you’re taking a nap.
  5. If you time it just right, you wake up ready for work the next day, refreshed and feeling great.
  6. If, however, this did not go as planned, you wake up at 2am, completely, totally wide awake after a deep, deep sleep. With really freaky-deaky, very vivid dreams. Usually about work. Most recently was that I was putting a line in a French teenager, got bloods, took the tourniquet off only to realize his hand had gone completely gangrenous and necrotic from the tourniquet, only having a bony distal radius and ulna left.

Uhm, yeah. And that happens whenever I’m finishing night shifts. Is this a common phenomenon that everyone has, but just has the common decency not to discuss it? Or is it just me? (I have, on occasion, been accused of lacking common decency, for what it’s worth.)

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