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Bicep Curls for Bad Veins

Yeah. My arm.

Yeah. My arm.

I hereby propose a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial to try to improve cross-sectional diameter of peripheral veins (surrogate outcome) and ease of experienced ED nurse in IV cannulation (patient important outcome) in patients who are tough sticks. Bicep curls vs. cardio vs. no bicep curls.

Sure, most people don’t plan their emergencies, or plan their next visit to the ED, but we certainly have a cohort of frequent fliers who need blood work and admission who are either sicklers and/or former/active IVDU, and/or renal patients and/or chronically ill/admitted to the hospital. We (and they) all know they’re going to need an EJ, or arterial stick, or central line every time they come in; neither party is particularly happy about this. After seeing my own arms get all veiny from hitting the gym, I don’t think it’s too terrible an idea, and might make our patients’ and their doctors’ lives easier.

Any takers?

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