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Dirty Talk

courtesy wikimedia commons

courtesy wikimedia commons

Upon reflection, and despite being a polyglot and the easy access to translator phones, I often find myself needing to say or understand the word for “poop” in other languages. I’ll either have just hung up the translator phone, or someone is trying in broken English to explain something to me involving their stools (often either a parent of an infant, or an elderly person). My nominations, in order of “getting the point across” (or at least thinking it got across) include, in order of frequency:

  1. Caca
  2. Poo poo
  3. Ca-kie
  4. Poop
  5. {Me squatting and motioning inappropriately}

I’m also guilty of the “louder will somehow translate the word into native tongue” business, especially when it’s an elderly person. You know, as in, maybe they’re just not hearing me. Put the two together, and apparently you quickly become quite the comedic entity for the nearby doctors when yelling “POOP! POOOO! CACA! POO POO! WHEN DID YOU LAST POOOOOOOOOOP? YOU KNOW, CACA? WHEN?”

And that is all.

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